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Syllabus of Structure Design Engineering

Syllabus of Solar Structure Design Engineering

Chapter 1- Preliminary Plant Planning

  • Site analysis
  • Geotechnical investigation of solar farm land
  • Analysis and validation of existing structures (for roof-tops)
  • 3D layout modeling including shading analysis
  • Plant Survey verification of land
  • Existing building Roof load bearing capacity calculation

Chapter 2- Module mounting Structure Design
  • Classification of various material for module mounting structure (MMS)
  • Module mounting structure design for fixed tilt , seasonal tilt and tracker
  • Properties of various metal ( galvanized , Pre Galvanized )
  • Structure design based on wind speed calculation
  • Fabrication drawing
  • MMS fastener specification
  • MMS specification

Chapter 3- Module mounting structure foundation

  • Type of pile
  • Difference between RCC pile and PCC pile
  • Pile foundation calculation
  • Pile Load bearing calculation
  • Rooftop Structure foundation calculation
  • Pile foundation marking / grid marking
  • Pull out and lateral load calculation

Chapter 4-Project Infrastructure Engineering

  • Various type ( Prefab /RCC) Inverter room foundation and architectural designing
  • Main Control Room foundation and architectural designing
  • Equipment Foundation calculation
  • WBM and Compact road lay outing
  • Civil work BOQ