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Employment Opportunity for Piping Design Course

Employment Opportunity for Piping Design Course

Piping Engineers are required by almost all heavy scale industries. They are required for project planning, construction and commissioning, cost estimation, design, research and development, purchasing of materials etc. Among various industries, the Gas, Oil, Petroleum and Chemical manufacturing/processing industries are the ones that require expert Piping Engineers the most! Pipes are used for transporting fluids from one place to another easily. And the above mentioned industries deals with fluids predominantly! Average starting salary is between 20-40k Rupees per month. This figure may vary, depending upon the profile of the employer and other Educational Qualifications of the worker.

Take for example- Petroleum refineries, they boast some of the most complex and marvelous pipeline network that manages tasks such as refining crude oil, separating petroleum products, transporting gas and petroleum from one part of the plant to another! To pull of such feats, the refinery depends on skilled and creative Piping Engineers, Technicians and workers!

Similar is the case of Chemical Industries. Based on the type of the Chemical that they are dealing with, the material of the Piping material changes! Here too, qualified Piping Engineers and technicians come handy!

So, if it is job opportunities that you are looking for, this course will provide you with ample opportunities. You may also go work in places like Middle East and Gulf Countries, where Oil refineries flourish! After gaining sufficient knowledge and work experience, one may also start Consultation service.