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Syllabus of geotechnical Investigation Course

AEDEI: Syllabus of geotechnical Investigation Course


  • Introduction to current Indian Standards
  • Impact on Existing Codes and Changes to Practice –
  • Description of Coarse Soils - Practical – Coarse Soils (Sands & Gravels)
  • Description of Fine Soils - Practical – Fine Soils (Clays & Silts)
  • Description of Organic and Man Made Soils - Practical - Organic and Man Made Soils
  • Schedule numbers


  • Vane Shear Testing
  • Standard Penetration Test (Spt) (Astm D1586-11)
  • Cone Penetrometer Test (Cpt) (Astm D5778)
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration Test (Dcpt) (Astm D6951)
  • California Bearing Ratio (Cbr) Test (Astm D1883)
  • Pressure Meter Testing)
  • Triaxial Tests
  • Plate Bearing Value Test (Astm D1195))
  • Permeability Test (Astm D2434)
  • Compression Test (Astm D4546))
  • Consolidation Test (Astm D2435)
  • Direct Shear Test (Astm D3080)
  • Fines Content Test (Astm D1140)
  • Particle Size Analysis Test (Astm D422)
  • Moisture Content Test (Astm D2216)
  • Hveem’s Resistance Value Test (Astm D2844)
  • In-Place Density Tests
  • Aashto Soil Classification (Astm D3282)

MODULE-3 Earth Resistivity Test (per IS 3043:1987): Soil resistivity directly affects the design of a grounding (Earthing) electrode system and is the prime factor that determines the resistance to earth of a grounding electrode or grounding electrode system. Therefore, prior to the design and installation of a new grounding electrode system, the proposed location shall be tested to determine the soil's resistivity.

Module-4 : Load testing

  • Pile load Test (Compression and Lateral)
  • Vertical Load Test (Compression) as per IS: 2911 (Part IV) - 1985
  • two types of Vertical Load Tests (in compression):-
  • (1) Initial
  • (2) Routine Test
  • 1. Lateral Load Test as per IS: 2911 (Part IV) – 1985
  • 2. Pull-Out Test as per IS: 2911 (Part IV) - 1985

MODULE-5 :Offshore Pile Monitoring/ Dynamic Pile Testing

MODULE-6:High Strain Dynamic Pile Testing (HSDT) / Pile Driving Monitoring– ASTM D 4945.

MODULE-7 Low Strain Dynamic Pile Testing/ Pile Integrity Testing (PIT) –ASTM D5882 MODULE-8 SITE ASSESMENT (CONTOUR MAPPING)